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Tracko: the Real-Time Locating Service

The Real-Time Locating Service

Track your assets on the go, using beacons & mobile technology. Minimize search time, reduce costs, save resources. No gateway required.

An integrated RTLS solution for location intelligence and inventory positioning, suitable both for indoor and outdoor environments.


Tracko: the Real-Time Locating Service

RTLS & Asset Tracking solution

Quickly find the assets
you are looking for

On web and mobile, you and your team always have the latest asset location information. Need an asset – inventory, tools, equipment, WIP? Just search and go get it.

Use smartphones &
tablets as readers

No need for expensive dedicated readers, no other investments or costs. The TRACKO app installed on your team’s mobile devices will do the reading for you.

Automatic scan &
position update

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), asset location is crowdsourced as your team moves around. No more manual inputs & scanning!

Real time & offline modes
to cover all areas

You get real-time updates out of the box. However, if you have no internet connection, asset location data your device collected is updated as soon as you have internet.

Get the White Paper

Learn from our experience. Find out more about how the Bluetooth Low-Energy technology works in asset tracking and how to choose the best RTLS solution for your business.

Start your RTLS proof-of-concept now

Order your Tracko Start Kit and test the basic solution. You get a special package of 6 beacons, one month of free trial of the Tracko platform and everything you need to get started.


Order your Tracko Start Kit

Industries & use cases

Vehicle warehousing & dealership

Reduce search times by allowing staff to quickly locate the vehicle that they need to ship to a specific customer within indoor and outdoor parking lots with cars, forklifts, trucks, golf-carts.

Aerospace & heavy machine building

Get automatic & reliable data of the position of valuable components that need to go from your warehouse into production and make it easy for your workers to find and identify unique items on your premises.

Palettes, coils & materials warehousing

Decrease write-offs and overstocking by making sure that inventory is not misplaced or lost & always having an overview of where they are and where they were last seen.

Manufacturing maintenance & repair

Increase operational availability by allowing maintenance & repair staff to quickly find and fix the equipment your customers or staff need to continue their work.

How it works?

Asset beacons

Asset beacons

Each asset you want to track needs a beacon to signal its location to nearby devices. You can choose between two beacon sizes, stich or screw it on the surface of the asset or place it in its container.


Zone beacons

Zone beacons

To detect the exact location of your assets, you also need a grid of zone beacons. Those are placed on walls & ceilings of your premises, powered by power plug or battery. For high precision RTLS, you will need a dense grid and for a point-of-interest based system, several beacons can be installed at key locations.
Tracko mobile app and Tracko cloud

Tracko mobile app

With the Tracko app, you just search for the asset you need and immediately see its location on your floor plan. As you and your staff move within your premises (or assets pass through a device at a key location), the app automatically detects all the beacons around and reports their locations to the cloud.
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Tracko cloud

Using the Tracko web platform, you always know where your assets are in real time and see asset search times decrease in your statistics panel. It is also the place where you set up your asset tracking system by importing asset information, defining your zones and giving secure access to the Tracko app to your team.


Why Tracko?

Instant real-time overview of your inventory.
Gain visibility of where your assets are, without the need for manual input from your staff.
Improve productivity & throughput times
by allowing everyone to find what they need when they need it in shortest time.
Be effective and efficient.
Cut operational costs and increase customer satisfaction by working faster and shipping on time.
No other investments, no expensive readers
– use the mobile phones or tablets that are already in the hands of your staff.
Complete solution from a single source
– you get everything you need: beacons, mobile app, cloud platform, as well as all the advice, support, customization, training and installation help you need.

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