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TRACKO, the Onyx Beacon RTLS solution, mentioned in an Unacast asset tracking market report

Posted by Claudiu Rusu / Thursday August 17th, 2017 / Categories: iBeacon / 0 Comments

It is no news that since the proximity marketing industry rapid growth has reached somewhat a stagnation point, the Bluetooth beacon industry is quickly expanding towards the asset tracking and Real Time Locating Services (RTLS) industry. It is quite a natural movement, since this relatively new technology is now much more mature and can easily compete with similar, more established technologies, such as UWB, WiFi and RFID, especially in terms of costs versus accuracy.

Unacast has recently published a report regarding the technologies used in various industries for locating assets, as well as an overview over the RTLS and Asset Tracking industry itself. The report mentions Tracko, the Onyx Beacon RTLS solution, and describes how it is used by Lockheed Martin RMS Orlando in order to reduce asset search time. Read more about the Lockheed Martin deployment on RFID Journal

Lockheed Martin deployment

Tracko is one of the first BLE beacon-based asset tracking solution on the market and offers unique features, such as real time asset visualization and information, location history & paths, proximity buzzer technology and more. Tracko is available both on web (desktop) and mobile platforms. Read more about Tracko

See the full report here:

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