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TRACKO, the Onyx Beacon RTLS solution, awarded at Geo IoT World 2017

Posted by Claudiu Rusu / Tuesday June 20th, 2017 / Categories: iBeacon / 0 Comments

TRACKO, the BLE-based RTLS & asset tracking solution offered by Onyx Beacon, has received the “Best Indoor Location & Proximity Services” award at the Geo IoT World 2017 in Brussels.

Tracko has recently got out of Beta and is available globally, after getting through a series of pilot projects conducted by top companies in manufacturing and tech industries around the world. This new generation RTLS solution is using Bluetooth Beacon technology and is meant to reduce costs and time allocated to warehouse asset tracking, allowing logistics and manufacturing professionals to quickly locate machines, equipment and inventory within their premises.

See, for example, how Lockheed Martin RMS Orlando anticipates a reduction of the average search time required to locate assets in their warehouses by using TRACKO.

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