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The Italian transportation company SASA uses 1000 Onyx Beacons to guide, inform and engage passengers

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania (November 23, 2015) –The SASA public transport company, active in the region Merano – Bolzano in South Tyrol (Northern Italy) is the first organization of commuting public services in the world that implements the extended version of the Smart Public Transportation solution created by Onyx Beacon. SASA administrates a fleet of 160 buses and provides more than 22 million individual travels every year.

The Italian public transportation company announced this week in a press conference the release of a dedicated mobile application, called SASAbusAPP and the full implementation of a complex infrastructure of Beacon Bluetooth devices, placed both in transportation vehicles but also in bus stops. The mobile application SASAbusAPP will provide a permanent connection of communication between the transport company and its passengers. Users who download the app on their mobile phones will immediately receive digital information and will have access to a complaints interface available 24/7.

 “To assist our visually impaired passengers in solving their specific problem of commuting, was very important for us. The initiative and the idea for this project belong to The South Tyrolean Blind Union. We are grateful for their initiative and very happy that we have found a competitive solution of transportation for our customers with special needs, but also managed to extend this solution to the benefit of all our passengers”, mentioned mister Stefano Pagani, President of SASA company.

The mobile application SASAbusAPP has been reprogrammed and extended so that it can serve not only the visually impaired passengers, but all types of customers. The application works as a kind of digital compass for passengers in future. The beacons produced by Onyx Beacon detect App users who are within a bus stop or in a bus, and transmit them automatically, on their mobile phones, useful information related directly to the respective moment and the particular location of the user.

By line selection and other parameters configuration, each passenger can configure the app, so that it only receives the information that he really wants. The visually impaired passengers will use on cell phones a screen reader feature, to get the information delivered through text notifications. This helps them to find the right stop and go into the right bus. As President Stefano Pagani and director Petra Piffer announced at the press conference in Bolzano, the annual SASA-satisfaction survey is now conducted immediately through the mobile application, and this is no longer operated just once a year, but continuously. Any passenger who has downloaded the SASAbus APP on his mobile phone can at any time give its feedback on the quality of the service.

The SASA survey, which was still performed in the traditional way in May 2015 is now measuring the passengers satisfaction in a digital manner, by using a scale from 1 to 10. The customers can express their satisfaction level about the usability of website traffic operation, the level of safety during the bus ride, the friendliness of the drivers and traffic inspectors, the ease of access and exit, and the congestion degree of the buses. This project is developed by Raiffeisen Online, a division of Raiffeisen Bank and regional partner of Onyx Beacon in Northern Italy and Austria.

With the new version of the APP SASAbus, Beacon technology finds its way into South Tyrol’s public transport. “This technology has enormous potential and can be used in many ways for the benefit of our passengers”, said SASA Director Petra Piffer. This project is developed by Raiffeisen Online, a division of Raiffeisen Bank and regional partner of Onyx Beacon in Northern Italy and Austria. Beacons are now used mainly in Retail, but also in museums, hotels, events or projects of accessibility in Smart Cities initiatives. Onyx Beacon has already defined and developed applications, use cases and features for more than ten verticals where Beacons can improve mobile users experience, by offering extraordinary capabilities for micro-location, contextual communication and presence detection.

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