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Asset Tracking and Real Time Locating Services

Save time and money in your Logistics & Manufacturing operations, by transforming micro-location and accurate indoor positioning into a powerful competitive advantage.

Use Bluetooth beacons’ capacities for location intelligence and our Real-Time Locating Services to allow anyone on your team to find the assets they need within your premises, on web and mobile, easy and fast.


Asset Tracking and Real Time Locating Services
Retail: Proximity Marketing

Retail: Proximity Marketing

The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are available now for traditional offline retailers, through our Bluetooth Beacon-based integrated solution.

Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, advertise for your partners, gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.



Banking: customized communication

Use beacon infrastructures to detect the presence of your customers close to the bank, before they enter your branch. Your account managers will know who these customers are and what do they exactly need, by integrating our APIs with the bank’s CRM platform.

Customers will receive the newest personalized and relevant information and a customized experience from their bank. For data security reasons, the solution is ready for Virtual Appliance deployment.


Banking: customized communication
Onyx Beacon Smart Public Transportation

Smart Public Transportation

The Extended Version of our Smart Public Transport solution provides multiple capabilities like: dynamic or metered pricing, individual route calculation, route optimization, re-routing, traffic monitoring and optimization, service class validation, sales development, proximity marketing or advertising.

Groups management, safety and accessibility for aged or disabled clients, in-station guidance, touristic sightseeing, individual monitoring, and community development are other features possible in our solution.


Events: engagement and analytics

Take advantage of context and surprise your visitors or attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals or exhibitions, by offering them an interactive off & online experience.

Don’t forget that an event means social connections, so help them to find, know and connect each other.



Events: engagement and analytics
Onyx Beacon Smart Cities

Smart Cities: accesibility

Accessibility for disabled, multi-level gateways, in-building navigation, emergency routing, simplifying or even avoiding bureaucracy, smart administration of public places are the main areas of application for our micro-location and presence detection capabilities based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons communication.



Education: Interactive Learning

Technology is ready to transform schools, to speed up the learning process, and to facilitate the information sharing. Mobile applications are able to double the knowledge flow between students and teachers.

Use Beacons-based apps for real-time interactions, polls, focus groups and debates, challenge the students’ community with smart activities like treasure hunts or quiz instant competitions.


Onyx Beacon Education

Hospitality: memorable experiences

Whether we talk about restaurants, coffee shops or hotels, for the hospitality industry the relationship with the customers defines ones success.

Onyx Beacon helps you in providing the ultimate experience to your customers by delivering the information they need at the exact moment they need it.



Healthcare: resource management

Micro-location and contextual communication in hospitals. Great idea and huge opportunity, isn’t it?

Imagine that BLE Beacons can help you to easily identify each patient in a great hospital and can deliver to your mobile device a solid portfolio of accurate and updated information about his health status and medical history, the treatments and other clinical indications.



Onyx Beacon Healthcare
Onyx Beacon Building & Facility Management

Building & Facility Management

Micro-location and proximity are concepts with an extraordinary implementation progress within office skyscrapers or big buildings with multiple complex destinations, starting from production factories and finishing with tourism resorts or huge parking places or spaces for exhibition and fairs.




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