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Onyx Beacon Hardware and Services to be discontinued

Friday March 2nd, 2018

Dear Customers, Partners, Developers and Friends,

It has been a great four years since we started Onyx Beacon, but, unfortunately, we have to let you know that Onyx Beacon stops shipping beacons and that we will also discontinue offering some or all of the cloud services. We suggest you migrate your solutions you have built around our proximity beacons and services to other similar solutions. It is with great regret that we decided to take this step.

Thank you for your business and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this… Read more »

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New app releases and updated SDK for iOS 11

Thursday October 12th, 2017

September 12, 2017 – On September the 3th, Apple launched iOS 11. In order to ensure full compatibility with the new version of the OS, we have new releases for the iOS apps and SDK. Please be advised of the changes in order to keep the good functionality of your apps:

    Onyx Beacon Management App v1.2.7 and Tracko App v1.2: iOS 11 added the “while in use” option when granting location permission to apps for the first time. Onyx Beacon apps are now compatible with this option. However, selecting this option will
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Leading aerospace, defense and security company is using beacon technology to track assets in 2 of their Orlando, Florida warehouses

Tuesday June 13th, 2017

Lockheed Martin RMS Orlando anticipates a reduction of the average asset search time in the 2 outfitted stockrooms by using the new Tracko solution from Onyx Beacon
Lockheed Martin Beacons

June 6, 2017
Tracko, the Real Time Locating Service (RTLS) provided by Onyx Beacon, has recently got out of Beta and is available globally, after getting through a series of pilot projects conducted by top companies in manufacturing and tech industries around the world. This new generation solution is using Bluetooth Beacon technology and is meant to reduce … Read more »

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The Italian transportation company SASA uses 1000 Onyx Beacons to guide, inform and engage passengers

Monday November 23rd, 2015

Cluj-Napoca, Romania (November 23, 2015) –The SASA public transport company, active in the region Merano – Bolzano in South Tyrol (Northern Italy) is the first organization of commuting public services in the world that implements the extended version of the Smart Public Transportation solution created by Onyx Beacon. SASA administrates a fleet of 160 buses and provides more than 22 million individual travels every year.

The Italian public transportation company announced this week in a press conference … Read more »

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S4M and Onyx Beacon partner to offer customized contextual engagement for companies and mobile users in Middle East

Thursday October 22nd, 2015

Dubai, October 22, 2015 — Onyx Beacon, a global market leader in the micro-location and contextual communication technology based on Beacon technology, announced today a strategic partnership with S4M (Solutions 4 Mobility), to promote and support Onyx Beacon’s integrated solutions throughout the Gulf region. As one of the most innovative and immediately impactful creator in the Bluetooth Low Energy field, Onyx Beacon provides high quality Content Management Hardware and Interactive & Analytical software… Read more »

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