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New app releases and updated SDK for iOS 11

Posted by Claudiu Rusu / Thursday October 12th, 2017 / Categories: Press Releases / 0 Comments

September 12, 2017 – On September the 3th, Apple launched iOS 11. In order to ensure full compatibility with the new version of the OS, we have new releases for the iOS apps and SDK. Please be advised of the changes in order to keep the good functionality of your apps:

    Onyx Beacon Management App v1.2.7 and Tracko App v1.2: iOS 11 added the “while in use” option when granting location permission to apps for the first time. Onyx Beacon apps are now compatible with this option. However, selecting this option will limit the functionality of the app and we recommend users to opt-in for “always” access type to location. Please see the screenshots below for more details.

    iOS SDK v2.2.3: resolves the known issues with iOS 11 and provides support for new features. We recommend incorporating this SDK before moving forward

Feel free to address us any other questions and do not hesitate to send us your ideas, and suggest other improvements.

The Onyx Beacon Team

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