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Leading bank in the Middle East enhances customers’ branch experience with Onyx Beacon technology linked to mobile banking app

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More than 150,000 mobile app downloads and almost 1.8 million user interactions with Beacon infrastructure confirm the success of this innovative initiative

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Last year, a leading bank in the Middle East region, announced the integration of bluetooth-enabled beacon technology within its mobile banking app. This is definitely an innovative move, as this happens to be the first bank to offer their customers the most advanced retail banking solutions, by leveraging digital innovation in order to create a superior branch experience. In this way, Beacon Technology significantly enhance the way they communicate with customers and create a synergy between the physical and digital worlds.

The mobile application was officially released for the public in January 2016 with beacons placed in tens of the bank’s business locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Since that moment, more than 150.000 app downloads and almost 1.8 million direct interactions between customers and the Beacons deployed at bank branches have been recorded.

Customers visiting select branches are notified of ongoing campaigns and promotions on their smartphones, ushering a new era of intuitive, interactive communication between the bank and its customer. As part of its holistic service integrating physical and digital banking channels, the bank’s branches feature more advisory areas and service ambassadors that can guide customers and help them with understanding how to use and benefit from this technology.

How does is work?

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When a customer approaches any of the bank’s branches, the mobile banking app installed on his smartphone identifies the bluetooth beacon placed in that location and requests data from the bank’s CRM. Depending on the customer’s profile received from the CRM and the location of the branch he is approaching, personalized and contextual information can be delivered to the customer automatically. Moreover, the bank’s officers can be notified when a customer enters their branch and can welcome him by name. In order to do this, the mobile banking app also uses the Onyx Beacon CMS which is delivered to the bank as a virtual appliance. At this level of personalization, this technology can significantly improve the in-branch experience and set a new standard for customer services.

Beacon Technology also assists the bank in gaining a better understanding on customers’ specific needs based on their movements, actions and preferences. In addition to this, the bank has partnered with local merchants, venues, hotels and other commercial operators, and informs customers on ongoing offers based on their location and privileges on their credit or debit card.

The Mobile Banking App is developed by one of our partners and is based on the integrated Bluetooth Beacon technology, both hardware and software, created by Onyx Beacon.

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