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First official deployment of iBeacon technology in a public conference in Romania: Onyx Beacon at Biz Innovation Forum

Posted by Doru Supeala / Thursday May 21st, 2015 / Categories: iBeacon / 0 Comments

The newest and largest shopping center in Romania, Mega Mall in Bucharest, inaugurated in early May, hosted yesterday the first public conference in Romania which has officially used iBeacon technology for communication and engagement. The “Biz Innovation Forum” was an event dedicated to ideas, products and designs able to change for the better the social and business environment, and was hosted by the first 4DX cinema in Romania, opened a few days ago within the Cinema City network. The conference brought together professionals internationally recognized for their innovative spirit and people holding top management positions who want to bring more creativity and innovation for the companies they lead.

Onyx Beacon at Biz Innovation Day - Bucharest Romania - 2015 May 20 - 10

Especially for this event, the organizer – Biz Magazine and its partners, Leo Burnett advertising agency through its digital division iLeo and the software developer Breeze Mobile, created a mobile application, available for iOS and Android. Many of the 120 participants at the conference downloaded and installed the mobile app and tested its functionality in connection with iBeacon technology and our iBeacon CMS. App engagement rate was over 30% reported to the whole public, but the use scenario was very simple, involving only the delivery of greeting messages and some test notifications related to the conference program and speakers’ presentation.

Onyx Beacon at Biz Innovation Day - Bucharest Romania - 2015 May 20 - 23

Through the three Enterprise Beacons deployed at the location were delivered 127 notifications, and the Onyx Beacon CMS account of the organizer collected detailed data and statistics related to the behavior and dynamics of the participants throughout the day, and about the most popular sights within the presentation stands of the exhibitors“For us, this event dedicated to innovation was a very good opportunity to experiment new ideas and technologies, and the use of the Onyx Beacons was projected as a marketing test and a public demonstration. Our attendees have responded very well and with much curiosity to this challenge, given the novelty of the technology and of the concept. We will use our ibeacons to many of our next events, when we will try to develop more complex scenarios of use and will try to involve conferences sponsors and partners to create contextual content and micro-location based experiences”, said Gabriel Barliga, deputy editor of Biz Magazine.

Onyx Beacon at Biz Innovation Day - Bucharest Romania - 2015 May 20 - 08

Among the speakers of the conference were the Tudor Galos, marketing manager of Microsoft Romania, George Buhnici, host of the popular TV show “I Like It”, Mark Vernooij, general manager THNK, Mood Mahmoudi, founder and CEO of Collaborne, and Professor Daniela Marzavan, holder of the course “Design Thinking and Human Values” at HTW University in Berlin and at ELISAV University in Barcelona.

Onyx Beacon at Biz Innovation Day - Bucharest Romania - 2015 May 20 - 04

We are glad and honored to have participated with our integrated solution in a high-class event, among products and companies with great notoriety and popularity, such as Samsung, Philips, Microsoft Windows and Telekom. At the same time, we are pleased to mark a new premiere, officialy using iBeacon technology at a public conference for the first time in Romania.

Photo: Biz Magazine and Vali Mirea Photography

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