How to activate the sound for the Enterprise Beacons?

In the current version, the API for enabling buzz on the beacon is not exposed yet. We’ll integrate this feature in one of the next releases of the SDK.

It is possible to enable buzz on the beacon by connecting to it through CoreBluetooth:

1. Scan for peripheral devices and read the scan response. Please take a look at the structure of the scan response (advertisementData paramter from centralManager:didDiscoverPeripheral:advertisementData:RSSI: delegate method). You can identify your beacon by using the major and minor values. The UUID field contains the first 4 bytes of the proximity UUID due to scan response size limitations.

2. After you have identified the peripheral you’re interested in, issue a connect and then scan for services. You should identify a service that has the UUID 2aaceb00-c5a5-44fd-2000-3fd42d703a4f.

3. After retrieving characteristics for that service, identify the characteristics that have the following UUIDs:

2aaceb00-c5a5-44fd-2002-3fd42d703a4f – buzz characteristic

2aaceb00-c5a5-44fd-2002-3fd42d703a4f – extended buzz characteristic

3.1 Buzz characteristic accepts one byte data with value 0x01. This will enable a buzz that will have 4 beeps at equal intervals of time during 4 seconds.

3.2 Extended buzz accepts 2 byte data, a bit field where each bit represents the state of buzz, total of 16 bits. There will be a short buzz, a preamble, after which the buzz pattern will be issued. The total length of preamble + 16 flag bits has 4s.

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