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Beacons - How they work

What are the physical dimensions of your beacons?

The physical dimensions of our beacons are as follows:
  • Beacon One : Diameter (max) – 54 mm ; Thickness (max) – 12 mm
  • Enterprise Beacon : Diameter (max) – 134 mm ; Thickness (max) – 25 mm
For more details about their features visit this link.


Are Beacons available in different colors?

Onyx Beacons, both Beacon One and Beacon Enterprise, are available in white or black.


What is the battery life of your beacons?

  • Beacons One have a non-rechargeable battery with a life time of maximum one year, depending on the beacon’s settings. The battery is easily replaceable.
  • Enterprise Beacons have a battery life time up to 4 years. They also can come with a power plug or can be powered via a USB port, depending on your needs.


What kind of batteries do beacons need?

Beacon One needs Panasonic CR2032 coin cell batteries.

Enterprise Beacon needs 4 AA batteries.


Can the battery of the beacon be replaced?

Yes, the battery can be easily replaced. A video explaining you the whole process can be found at this link.


What is beacon range?

Beacon Range was used by the older SDK versions 1.0. It’s the initial version of triggers. If you’re using the newest SDK version you can ignore it and use the campaign triggers for content delivery.


How close does the user’s phone need to be to the beacons to receive its signals?

Depending on the location, the range of our beacons can be up to 70 m. The closeness to the beacon needed also depends on the triggers used when creating your campaigns, based on the three “zones” from the area around the beacon:
  • Immediate: 0 – 1 m
  • Near: 1 – 10 m
  • Far: >10 m


How does the interaction between the beacon and the smartphones happen?

The beacon broadcasts a signal via Bluetooth which is received by the smartphone via a mobile app.


Does the user need to have the app running in order to receive the signals from the beacon?

An app that supports beacons is required to be installed on the device, but the app doesn’t need to run in the foreground in order to receive the signals from the beacon. When the beacon sends a signal, the app can be in the background.


How does the beacon communicate with the server?

The beacon communicates with the server via the SDK in the smartphone of the user. The way it works is that the beacon broadcasts its ID, the mobile app through the SDK receives this information and asks the server which action (deliver content, retrieve analytics) should be taken for that specific beacon.


Is it possible to reduce beacon’s signal strength?

Yes, it  is possible, but not as much as to 1 or 2 m. If you need the interaction to happen in that area of the beacon, you can control it through triggers. If you choose the immediate “zone” (0 – 1 m) as a trigger then the content will only be delivered when the customer is in that area of the beacon.


Do your beacons come with heavy duty tape in order to stick them to any surface?

Yes, our beacons come with heavy duty 3M® VHB® tape which sticks to almost any indoor and outdoor surface. Enterprise Beacons also come with the possibility to screw it with one of the four screw cavities.


Can anyone else use my beacons by using the UUID, major and minor?

You can prevent this by adding them to a CMS account and syncing them, even if they don’t have any campaigns set up. You just need to have them synced.


How can I find the UUID of the beacons?

If the beacons are manufactured by us, the UUID can be found in our CMS as follows: Identifiers -> Company UUIDs.


What is the difference between the Beacon One and the Enterprise Beacon.

  • In size, the Beacon One is smaller than the Enterprise Beacon (see Beacons – Description)
  • The battery life of the Beacon One lasts up to 12 months while the Enterprise Beacon can live up to 48 months
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