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Beacon Management App

Why can’t I log in into Management App?

In order to log in into the Management App you have to enable your account from CMS. In User Management tab, select your account, go to the Management tab and check Enable Management App Access.


Next to the battery %, there is a letter – some have “S” and some have “D”. What is their meaning?

The letter “D” stands for development devices that are not secured. The “S” stands for secure beacons.

The letter “B”  means that the beacon is an Onyx Beacon.


How can I syncronize my beacons?

The synchronization is done by tapping the top right corner button and then choose synchronize. If the beacons are near you and running, then their information should be updated.


I can’t see the beacons in the management app, even though I have followed the instructions.

Please verify that you have location services and Bluetooth enabled on your device. Also, install OnyxBeacon management app and see if the beacons appear in Radar or Beacons view.


I cannot see the beacons in my app. What should I do?

1.Please check the battery, as it may be dead. You can replace the batteries as described in the User Manual you received together with the beacons.

2.Check if you have the following services enabled on your phone in order to be able to detect beacons: locations services, Bluetooth. Also, make sure you make an app background refresh.

3.If it is still not working can you please send us logs so that our developers can proceed with the investigation of the encountered issue? You can do that from: Menu > Settings > Send Logs


How does the dwell time trigger work?

For the dwell time content, we have some limits from the iOS, that closes the app when in background and only an event like enter beacon region, wakes up the app to receive notifications on trigger dwell time.

For Android, the dwell time content is registered even though the app isn’t in foreground.