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Is the Location IoT the future of RTLS?

Tuesday November 7th, 2017

The Location IoT market is growing extremely fast
It was staggering to see this year at Geo IoT World 2017 the number of different technologies and solutions for locating assets in all kinds of use cases and industries. By ABI Research estimates, the RTLS market constituted $4B in 2016 and is expected to grow to $13.5B… Read more »

Onyx Beacon technology at Global Citizen Festival 2017

Wednesday November 1st, 2017

Without any doubts, we are living the time when technology has a real powerful impact in the way we live, work, learn or unwind. And it’s clear too that it is no going back to how it was before. Therefore, why not embrace the technology, adopt it and try to improve it? Our friends from L + R design and strategy agency… Read more »

How do I choose the right BLE asset tracking solution? – Real Time Locating Services (RTLS) Pro Tips – Part 3

Thursday October 19th, 2017

Assuming that you have already decided that a BLE RTLS solution is the right fit to your business, you first have to respond to the following questions before moving forward:

    a. What kind of problem do I try to solve? Do I need to quickly locate assets? Do I need to track their movements? Do I need a general overview of
Read more »

4 things to know about BLE RTLS solutions before deploying – Real Time Locating Services (RTLS) Pro Tips – Part 2

Tuesday October 10th, 2017

Before choosing a Bluetooth RTLS solution, you should take into consideration four main aspects which should help you make an idea whether this technology is a good fit for your business:

Reliability and maintenance
When compared to older and well-established technologies which have nothing more to prove in… Read more »

Comparison between the most common RTLS technologies – Real Time Locating Services (RTLS) Pro Tips – Part 1

Thursday October 5th, 2017

Looking for an asset tracking or RTLS solution and you don’t know which technology to choose? Depending on the problem you are trying to solve and the type of assets you are tracking, a technology’s usefulness can differ substantially. Some industrial solutions focus too much on specific and narrow use… Read more »

Active Beacons Monitoring the Healthcare Industry

Thursday September 14th, 2017

Photo Credit: NEC Corporation of America Flickr via Compfight cc

As mobile technology becomes smarter with new innovative built-in features, it provides the healthcare sector solutions to make their processes more efficient and effective while helping doctors and other medical practitioners stay productive.… Read more »

TRACKO, the Onyx Beacon RTLS solution, mentioned in an Unacast asset tracking market report

Thursday August 17th, 2017

It is no news that since the proximity marketing industry rapid growth has reached somewhat a stagnation point, the Bluetooth beacon industry is quickly expanding towards the asset tracking and Real Time Locating Services (RTLS) industry. It is quite a natural movement, since this relatively new technology… Read more »

TRACKO, the Onyx Beacon RTLS solution, awarded at Geo IoT World 2017

Tuesday June 20th, 2017

TRACKO, the BLE-based RTLS & asset tracking solution offered by Onyx Beacon, has received the “Best Indoor Location & Proximity Services” award at the Geo IoT World 2017 in Brussels.

Tracko has recently got out of Beta and is available globally, after getting through a series of pilot projects… Read more »

Leading bank in the Middle East enhances customers’ branch experience with Onyx Beacon technology linked to mobile banking app

Wednesday April 12th, 2017

More than 150,000 mobile app downloads and almost 1.8 million user interactions with Beacon infrastructure confirm the success of this innovative initiative

Last year, a leading bank in the Middle East region, announced the integration of bluetooth-enabled beacon technology within its mobile banking app.… Read more »

The secret of successful proximity marketing: create awesome customer experience

Monday March 27th, 2017

It is said that in a regular day a person can be exposed, by average, to anywhere between 3 to 20 thousands of commercial messages. But only a few percent of this information are actually consciously analyzed by the brain and draw our attention. It is those bits of attention the thing advertisers are fighting for every… Read more »