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Beacons at stadiums: 10 ideas to deliver an awesome sports event experience for fans and suporters

Posted by Zori Tomova / Thursday April 21st, 2016 / Categories: iBeacon / 1 Comment

Place Bluetooth Beacons on stadiums to create an outstanding experience for your fans and visitors. When coming for a match or for a concert, they can enjoy smart and effective benefits that you can deliver through your dedicated mobile application. By entertaining them and creating new opportunities of interaction, you can get more dedicated and high-fidelity suporters.

Here are 10 ideas of interactions and mobile-based services that you can create for an even more awesome sports event experience for your visitors.

1. Say Hello and Goodbye, ask for feedback

Know when and from which gate your visitors enter the stadium. Welcome them & provide relevant information on their mobile at that exact moment. Say goodbye and ask them for feedback when they leave.

2. Know & help the crowd

Use heatmaps to understand where people are queuing, know what they like and where they are waiting too long in real time. Decrease wait times by having their ticket automatically triggered when they come close to a checkpoint.

3. Show them the way

Help your new visitors find their seats, foodstands, merchandise, less crowded restrooms and other points of interest via beacon-based wayfinding.

4. Surprise loyal fans

Provide special merchandise offers to loyal fans. Know when they enter or exit the merchandise sales area, integrate your offline and online sales data and strategy.

5. News: “What’s up nearby?”

Give your visitors more information about what’s around them. “Want to know what they have at that food stand and what are the prices? Check your phone”.

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6. Provide Fun & Games

Get a player to salute visitors when they pass near his photo, organize treasure hunts or other gamified experiences that help them make more loyalty points.

7. Up-sales: “Want a better seat?”

Offer your visitors special offers to upgrade their seat in real time when you have empty places in a more expensive section nearby.

8. Create tailored experiences

Give special prizes or access to team training sessions to early comers, replay the most important moments for those who come in late. Set up mobile guided tours of the stadium for those who come to visit when there is no game.

9. Help them find each other

When it gets crowded, friends can get separated and kids can get lost. Alert them when they wander off and help them find each other.

10. Get them on your app

Encourage Android users to download your app or give them relevant information using a simple URL delivered to them via Google Now.

Want to talk to someone about your usecase? We are happy to help you build the best experience for your visitors using beacon technology. If you like our ideas and think that Bluetooth Beacons can help you create an extraordinary and memorable experience for your fans and spectators, do not hesitate to contact us.

And do not forget that we also have good ideas and a valuable previous experience, after installing our Bluetooth Beacons at the biggest IBM event, Interconnect.

1 comment
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