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Enterprise Beacon

Onyx Beacon’s new Enterprise Beacon enables businesses to scale iBeacon™ and Eddystone deployments without worries of battery life time or security concerns like hijacking or spoofing.

Enterprise ready

Having a high level of security in place, as well as new features enabling you to increase the number of use cases, Enterprise Beacon is shipping worldwide within 24 hours.
  • Battery

Being powered by 4 AA batteries, Enterprise Beacon has a battery life up to 4 years, depending on the frequency and power settings, with easily replaceable batteries. It is the longest lasting BLE Beacon available on the market.
  • External Power Supply (Optional)

Deployment in any locations regardless of the power availability is now possible, as it can be powered with a power plug or over a USB port.
  • Security

High level of security in place due to the encryption used, based on a combination of AES-128 and MAC (Message Authentication Code). We provide a secure way to configure and manage large scale deployments, preventing beacons from hijacking and spoofing.
Enterprise Beacon

  • Waterproof Enclosure

Robust, with waterproof enclosure, it is the perfect tool for outdoor implementations, as well as any other use cases you can think of.
  • Screw or Stick to surface

Comes with heavy duty 3M® VHB® tape which sticks to almost any indoor and outdoor surface or you can screw it with one of the four screw cavities.
  • Buzzer

Depending on the use case it can come with a buzzer, making it a lot easier to track the location of certain objects in locations such as warehouses with a lot of similar items.

iBeacon Eddystone


Beacon One

Onyx Beacon One

Our Beacon One has a small form factor and can be easily deployed in a hidden or visible location. Making use of a small coin-cell battery it is ideal for initial development, small to medium sized deployments and use for events, concerts or expos.
  • Security

Our Onyx Beacon One is making use of the same security features as its larger brother, the Enterprise Beacon.
  • Battery

With a coin cell battery the Beacon One is small and has a battery life up to a year depending on its settings. Fast battery switching is possible by simply twisting the Beacon One open.
  • Stick to any surface

Beacon One has heavy duty 3M® VHB® tape attached to it. It can be glued to any indoor surface within seconds.

iBeacon Eddystone


Beacons with Eddystone and Physical Web

You want to use beacons, but don’t have a mobile app? Or to promote your app to people who don’t have it yet?
The Physical Web makes this possible.

With Eddystone, the open beacon format from Google, you have the ability to send an URL to Google Chrome Android users when they get close to a beacon, directing them to a web page of your choice. Our beacons are now ready to work also with Eddystone protocol.
Just get some beacons and define the URL they should broadcast. It’s that simple.

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  Enterprise Beacon

Enterprise Beacon

Beacon One

Beacon One

iBeacon™ specification support
Eddystone specification support
Security (128 bit AES)
Power Supply
Coin cell battery
Lasting up to a year
AA Batteries
Lasting up to 4 years
USB powered
External Power Supply
Fast battery replacement
Up to 70 meters
Up to 70 meters
Diameter (max)
Thickness (max)
3M® VHB® tape
Quick deployment (stick on)
TELEC (Japan)
Changing of UUID, Major/Minor
Cloud based CMS access
Cloud based Beacon Management Platform
Platform Support
iOS & Android SDK
Beacon Server API
Service / Support
Phone / E-mail support
Beacon usage consultancy
Colors / Branding
Onyx Black
Custom housing color (min. 500 pieces)
No logo / custom logo (min. 200 pieces)
Shipping within 24 hours
Shipping within 24 hours

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