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Enterprise-ready cloud CMS for large beacon fleets

  • Manage all types of beacons
  • Create communication campaigns
  • Gather accurate analytics on users’ behavior
The CMS platform is enterprise‐ready, can be easily integrated with other systems via REST API and works with any type of Bluetooth Beacon device, regardless of its producer or vendor.

Create and manage effective communication campaigns

Deliver smart personalized multimedia content to your customers, at the right place and time, by using text, photos, videos and links. Integrate your offline and online channels and engage users with polls, competitions, satisfaction surveys and content that can be distributed on social networks.

Do Rightketing.

Deliver the right message to the right target, at the right time and place. Schedule customized marketing campaigns, target users based on their location, context, demographics, social profile, interests, consumer behavior, and interest to specific items.

Go personal. Customize.

Integrate your CMS account with your CRM platforms via REST API, and use your existing customer database to approach visitors on‐site based on their online behavior, shopping history, and other effective segmentation and targeting criteria.

Engage and play.

Improve customers’ experience through gamification, engage your public with polls, satisfaction surveys and contests related to their context and interests. Use time‐, visits‐ and geofencebased push notifications when users are not in your premises.
Create content, engagement and outstanding customer experience

Manage large beacons infrastructures

Efficiently administer large Bluetooth Beacon fleets, with the lowest possible maintenance costs, by using a friendly and customizable set of tools for configuration and monitoring, a customizable dashboard and freely available mobile applications for fleet management.


Register BLE Beacons (regardless the producer) in a few simple steps. Precisely place them on your detailed building plans, integrated with Open Street Maps, getting an accurate perspective on your physical infrastructure layout. Calculate ranges, define area tags, manage campaigns and view results on heatmaps.

Configure and monitor.

All beacons’ parameters (identity, frequency, power, battery status etc) can be monitored and re‐defined, one by one or by using a remote batch configuration feature. Updates parameters are transmitted over‐the‐air to the beacons, via mobile apps installed on users’ devices.


The Proximity Ads feature allows you to generate income from partners interested in advertising towards end‐users situated in your premises. This can be done by creating sub-accounts with a user token or by simply transferring BLE Beacons from an account to another.
A complete platform to manage Beacons in one place

Get accurate analytics on users’ behavior

Gather accurate analytics on users’ behavior and conversion rates for your marketing campaigns, in a simple customizable dashboard. Gain control over the way you place your products in the store and interact with your customers, by optimizing communication in real time.

Location intelligence.

Know which are the areas of interest within your locations and understand how customers spend their time in your premises. Learn their patterns and interests and send them targeted content. Visualize comparative statistics across all locations.

Data and statistics.

Get precise data about number of visitors and their interests, visits and re‐visits, time spent on each isle, conversion rates, type of device, gender, age and other social data collected from their connected profiles on social networks..

Visual analytics.

Use the Heatmaps feature to visualize in a map view the evolution in time and space of the visitors’ interest, density and intensity at the location covered by Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. Understand and update customers’ flows.
Transform location intelligence in business value

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Onboard beacons and campaigns directly
on your building plan

Use Heatmaps for accurate visual analytics
for your location

Easily enroll beacons and administrate
large infrastructures