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Beacons? iBeacons™?
How it works.

Beacons (Apple calls them iBeacons™) are small transmitters that are permanently sending a signal in a distance from a few inches/centimeters (close), to a few foot/meters (near) and up to 70 meters to all devices that are listening for such a signal. The devices that listen are all iPhone newer than the iPhone 4s and devices that support Android 4.3 or newer such as a Samsung Galaxy S4. If your device is receiving a signal and it knows what to do with it, it will notify on the device screen about it with a message such as, here is something that might interest you such as a coupon or a special offer.



Content Management System for beacons

We offer you access to our cloud based Beacon Management platform that allows you to build micro location enabled apps around your beacons. If you buy beacons from us, or other vendors, you can centrally manage all of them through our Beacon Management platform and easily add a great user experience to your apps and share your beacon locations with 3rd party apps.



Onyx Beacon One VS Enterprise Beacon

Onyx Beacons / iBeacons™

We offer two choices of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Beacons that fit all use cases, ranging from adding iBeacon™ support for a small short term venue, to large scale permanent enterprise deployments in thousands of locations. Our Beacon hardware options allow for flexible power supply, either by coin cell or AA batteries (with up to 4 years battery life), connectivity to an external power supply or powered via a USB port.

All Onyx Beacons take advantage of our cloud based Beacon Management platform (CMS) that enables you to manage your beacons onboarding/deployment process, power status and even notifies you when the beacons need a battery replacement (if not powered via external power supply) or need other attention.

Onyx Beacon’s micro-location and proximity beacons are designed by Onyx Beacon Ltd. to meet the Apple standards using Apple iBeacon™ technology. They support apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that make use of the iBeacon™ protocol.



Beacon Management Mobile App

The OnyxBeacon iOS mobile app helps you discover our beacons or ANY other beacons around you. It also allows you the possibility to change UUID, Major, Minor, Power and Frequency of the signal for our beacons.

Have too many beacons around you? Drag down the table in the Beacons tab and filter beacons by Major, Minor and UUID. If you have a beacon and our app doesn’t recognize it, the only thing you need to do is add the UUID in the Settings tab. You can find our app here.


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Extending a brand’s reach on consumers’ devices and delivering a notification in the right place and at the right time is extremely useful and has a large impact. It is now possible to reach consumers directly on their mobile devices and not only through displays, promotional staff or print media.

ProximityAds allows retailers to leverage their iBeaconTM infrastructure to generate additional value and revenue while maintaining control over what ads and notifications are being sent to users. With the option to invite and approve potential advertisers they ensure a level of quality and frequency of notifications that reach consumers.

ProximityAds are currently in invitation only private beta.




For Mall Operators
(General smart Beacons)

Place beacons at all mall entry points and notify mall visitors about new offers, latest movies, all things are offered at the mall. Make your offers accessible to general audience. Deploy and make use of beacons across apps and make local offers searchable.



How it Works

Onyx Beacon - How it Works

About us

We are a team of young and innovative entrepreneurs that are anxious to change the way we shop, find things around us, and make our life more convenient. Onyx Beacons offer many possibilities to change the way we interact with our devices, the brands we like, the places we go and will just change most aspects of our life.


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